Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rusting memories

The motor scooter was parked in a small stone paved alley off the bustling market street of Udaipur. The melancholy clutter and the Bajaj parked against the wall contrasted with the colourful tourist-y roads that you passed into once you crossed under the arch.

In the shadows of the dark walls
I parked my rusty memories
to serve as a reminder
everytime I pass underneath 
the arch - from what was, into what is.


S@RG@M said...

For the first time I must say, am more attracted to the lines than the pic.... he he he. Ultimate set of words to make this pic memorable.

Parth said...

hey sindhu....amazing pic.

Renie said...

"I parked my rusty memories" - love that line!

workhard said...

I like the subtle play of lights,

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Megha said...

This one is really good.

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