Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Wait

One an early January winter's morning in Delhi, I ventured into the balcony of a friend's house to find this pigeon nesting in one of the pots, lending warmth to her eggs.

A tiny miracle lies
Beating close to my heart
For it I wait, a patient wait
- for the tiny miracle to start


The view of the sun set, the rays dancing off the glistening cotton clouds just below you and a glimpse of the ground bathed in orange light - a sight to behold indeed. Especially when flying mid air. And then, in a few minutes it vanishes - almost like fame. Catch an evening flight next time and see it for yourself. 

Like the sun over my golden wings
it set in fiery glory beyond
when for a moment I flew off the ground
when my feet once 'down to earth' lifted
it left in an orange halo
- the fickle rays of fame

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