Saturday, March 21, 2009


Took this pic on a sudden whim. It seemed like the old, wrinkled tree was hugging this young, virile, green plant. Seemed like eternity embracing the present. The old giving the new, a hug. The warmth of the gnarled embrace seemed to make the green leaves all the more greener.

Sometimes the greatest expression of acceptance,
and the greatest declaration of kinsmanship,
is nothing more than a hug.


I confess. I do have a thing for earrings and I do have a penchant for red things. When I got this dangler that is both, I simply had to. Kindly bear with my obsession. 

Red as the breast of a robin
red as the petals of a rose
red as a beet-red lip
my fiery red earring glows.

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