Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The view of the sun set, the rays dancing off the glistening cotton clouds just below you and a glimpse of the ground bathed in orange light - a sight to behold indeed. Especially when flying mid air. And then, in a few minutes it vanishes - almost like fame. Catch an evening flight next time and see it for yourself. 

Like the sun over my golden wings
it set in fiery glory beyond
when for a moment I flew off the ground
when my feet once 'down to earth' lifted
it left in an orange halo
- the fickle rays of fame


S@RG@M said...

Awesomely amazing click Siny!! The sky's colour is fab looking, and the river snaking away behind the wing of the plane... Vow..!! Its all so so so perfect....!! Especially the way the sun's hidden behind this wing.... Its a priceless click...!!

Hakuna Matata said...

Thanks.. Had to clean the window with wet tissues before taking the pic :D

Parth said...

Amazing......its one hell of a pic. !!!

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